Re-Defining the Technology!

As we invest in intensive technology research and development, our aim is to identify the core concerns of our prospects and clients and create new products and enhancements to lead the industry into the new technology era.

Our products have been developed on established standards and technologies which are matured and widely accepted. SWD Infotech is committed to adapting emerging technologies that offer our client strategic business advantages. Along with functional enrichment, we are equally focused towards technology advancements by aligning our products on robust and flexible Service Oriented & Business Processes Driven Architecture.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) endows a business centric approach that enables our products to seamlessly integrate with the entire Enterprise Eco System. Our products provide business services and processes which can be configured in an enterprise business process thereby facilitating our clients to have business agility.

Service Orientation will help in moving our products on Cloud platforms as SaaS (Software as a Service). This enables SWD Infotech to offer subscription based business model for clients. Our solutions are designed on multi-layered approach that provides decoupling amongst different aspects of system i.e. Presentation Layer/ Channel Layer, Business Logic Layer and Database Layer. Our product's presentation layer is available on various hand-held devices like iPAD, etc. to provide several cross-touch points for users to complete various business operations.

We, at SWD Infotech, believe technology is advancing at a very fast pace, and to continue as market leaders, it is imperative for us to stay ahead of our competition by conceptualizing innovative strategies.

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